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Being the manufacturer of pressed products is at the heart of Stanford Components business. Stanford components ltd. has an intensive range of plant and equipment providing endless capabilities.


metal component showing a technical operation of shrinking the size of a tube in the middle.
Stainless steel pressing perforated and folded into a box
White Goods

Taking on large production runs of varying sizes and difficulties for the major white good manufacturers has meant that SCL have kept there production schedule regular and on time. SCL have taken on jobs that the industry said could not be done by building dedicated production lines.

Heavy Plant

The Progression cells we have,  have all the capabilities required to run any higher volume work, with tool and press sensors that let us know of any issues before catastrophic tool failure will occur. Our security systems are set so each cell is observed making sure the production is continuous and effective.

Showing pressing of thick metal, with ruler showing the thickness.
close up of complicated forming including text imprinting
Sports Products

The company has unparalleled knowledge in the pressing of difficult materials. For example high strength low alloy steels and varying grades of stainless steel can be very problematic to form. But with SCL's honed skills and techniques this is no longer always the case. 

Industrial Air management

Using and modifying specialist equipment and machinery SCL has years of experience producing various designs of impeller and fan blades. The materials used in the manufacture range from coated high carbon steels down to soft aluminium alloys. 

Close up of metal fabricated part showing complex louvers and other techniques
Complicated forming of part that has been press punched then formed in many stages.

Using our experience at SCL we are able to produce small batch test pieces and prototype parts. Taking our customers designs and desires into consideration we can have tooling designed and manufactured, then in no time at all have a physical part in hand ready for testing.