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Detailed Progression

close picture of tiny intricate forming of small components next to ruler

Progressive forming is a production method where a coil or strip of stock material is fed between an upper punch and lower die.  With each stroke of the press, the material advances between these tools with each stroke successive operations in each station  form one or more features of the part.  A progressive stamping die can have as many stations to form a complete part as necessary.  While there may be an investment in upfront hard tooling, the labour cost is very small during production meaning the piece part cost is extremely small per production. 


Extreme closeup of complicated imprinting and forming.
closeup of intricate progression pressing and forming

Stanford Components ltd has facilities to meet all of your progressive tooling needs. We manufacture quality parts accurately and economically every time. Progressive forming is one of our most common types of metal processes and we have a variety of materials, production capabilities, and warehousing services for all of your required applications.




Stainless steel pressing perforated and folded into a box
Intricately detailed progression forming

With so many years experience in pressings and progression tool production.

Stanford Components have developed the skills to give a quick turn around for intricate production parts

Giving piece of mind to there customers, that they will be supplied high quantities with a high standard of finish.

Our flexible manufacturing approach allows us to produce pressed metal components as either a one off or repeat basis.